My Work Was Plagiarised

One day, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram as one does, I discovered an awfully familiar image from the endless depths of the app: my own tattoo design but like, 100 times…


Tattoos in Auschwitz? 

On the 1st of April my man and I embarked on a journey to explore neighbouring European countries, with the finish line at a good friend’s place in Slovakia. Although…


Goodbye tattoo trends

The weather is warm, spring is in the air and thoughts of an approaching summer are running wild. To celebrate, some refresh their wardrobe, some are busy with spring cleaning…

Lifestyle, Tattooing

Tattoos on Vacation

Feeling tired of Estonia’s endless winter, it’s time to plan a nice trip filled with turquoise waters and infinite sunshine. The smallest possible suitcase filled to the brim with tank…

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