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Colorful Winged Kimono


  • Unique colors are eye-catching at parties, festivals and cozy evenings with loved ones.
  • Silk-like material is soft on the skin, breathable and light. Fantastic garment for a night-out and also for day-trips to the beach!
  • The colors pop under UV light and create mystical mood at every party! Bright and beautiful colors in daylight and dark. Glowing kimonos create especially gorgeous effects when moving and dancing.
  • All kimonos are luxurious handmade garments, which are produced in Estonia, from beginning to end. Each detail gets a lot of attention, to offer maximum quality.
  • It’s also easy to take care of it: it’s allowed to be machine washed and ironed. That way, you are always ready for your next event!

Kimono’s measurements:
From sleeve to sleeve: 130 cm
From side to side: 70 cm
Length: 100 cm
Material: 100% polyester

Kimono’s measurements are best suitable for sizes XS to L.

Out of stock

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