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Conditions and Privacy

General Conditions

In addition to the following conditions, legal relationships arising from purchase from are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Conclusion of Contract

The sale agreement between Addidraws OÜ and customer comes into force starting from when the required sum as stated by confirmation of order reaches the Addidraws OÜ holding account. Products are not reserved before the sales agreement is put into force.

Terms of Sale

The online store allows for convenient and safe purchase within Estonia.


The seller in Addidraws online store is Addidraws OÜ | Asula 3, Tallinn, 11312 | Customer service: | Tel: +372 56656286


Descriptions and prices of products are published next to product. All prices are in euros and transactions are settled in euros.
Choose the appropriate products and add to cart, determining the wanted quantity. The contents of the cart can be reviewed at all times by clicking the cart icon in the header of the site.
Once all required products are in the cart, proceed to the next page, select the chosen delivery method and carefully fill all fields. Fields marked with a star * are mandatory for placing an order.
For specifications about the order, fill in the cart notes field.
Before proceeding confirm that all products, quantities and prices are correct.
Select a fitting payment method and confirm the order, following which you will be directed to your chosen payment environment. Follow the orders given. Before choosing the payment method, you must agree to the online store terms and conditions.
NB paying by bank link! After making payment, be sure to click on “back to seller” link. Otherwise the order will not be confirmed.


From time to time, there will be discounts in the online store, the basis of which is a discount coupon. If you have obtained such a coupon, enter its exact code in the cart’s field marked “COUPON” and press “OK”.

Delivery of Products

Products from the Addidraws online store can be delivered within Estonia. For delivery to a foreign country, please e-mail
There are two options for product receival:
• Itella SmartPOST parcel terminal. Price €2.99. When choosing SmartPOST, choose the preferred parcel terminal location from the drop-down menu.
• Omniva parcel terminal. Price €2.99. When choosing Omniva, choose the preferred parcel terminal location from the drop-down menu.

Dispatch Date

The order is typically dispatched within 1-3 business days. If there are no obstacles, the products will be dispatched on the current or following business day. You will certainly be notified if the product cannot be dispatched within 3 business days.
After transfer of products to delivery service provider, they will follow the timeline set by Itella Estonia OÜ, which can be viewed on the Itella website. Although we do everything we can to ensure fast delivery of the order, we cannot be held accountable for delays caused by the delivery service provider.
Experience confirms that within Estonia, the package generally reaches the customer within 1-3 business days after placing the order.
Always carefully check that all entered data is correct. Mistakes may delay or even result in losing the product.


Payment for orders can be made:
via Make Commerce, which is provided by:
• Swedbank AS
• AS SEB Bank
• COOP Bank
• AS LHV Bank
via PayPal payment.
via VISA/MASTERCARD payment.
If the chosen payment method is bank link, you will be directed to the chosen internet bank after confirmation of order, where payment can be made.
NB! After making payment, be sure to click on “back to seller” link. Otherwise the order will not be confirmed.


Prices for products sold in Addidraws OÜ are marked on the product page. All prices are shown in euros. In case of campaign sale prices, both the old price with strikethrough text and new price will be shown.

Product Availability

Addidraws OÜ does everything in its power to ensure that the storage quantities shown online are in accordance with reality, but a situation may arise where the shown quantity is incorrect. If you have ordered a product which has run out, you will be contacted as soon as possible and the find the most fitting solution.


Products bought from Addidraws OÜ may be returned within 14 days from receiving the product. The product must be dispatched through Itella SmartPost or Omniva parcel terminal to the Addidraws OÜ address within 14 days of receiving the product. Refunds will be processed within 1-3 business days after arrival at Addidraws OÜ. When returning the order in its entirety, the shipping costs will also be refunded. Product returns are handled for free based on the contract at hand only within Estonia.
State of the returned product:
• The returned product must not be damaged.
If the returned product (and product packaging) has deteriorated and the deterioration was caused by circumstances not related to Addidraws OÜ or abnormal use of the product, Addidraws OÜ holds the right to offset the cost of the product from what was paid by the customer to the refunded sum. Addidraws OÜ will send a contract regarding the offset.
• The returned product must not show signs of use.
If it is determined that the product has been used, Addidraws OÜ will follow the principle of rational use – if the product had to be used to verify inadequacy, the product will be deemed unused. Addidraws OÜ holds the right to offset the cost of the product from what was paid by the customer to the refunded sum.
• The returned product must include the price tag.

Addidraws OÜ is not responsible for shortcomings arising after delivery to customer.

Solving Disputes

If the buyer has any claims concerning Addidraws OÜ, they must be e-mailed to
As per the Consumer Protection Act, Addidraws OÜ is obligated to respond in writing within 15 days.
The Consumer Protection Act can be found here.
If the buyer and Addidraws OÜ do not come to an agreement regarding the dispute, the buyer may turn to the Commission of the Consumer Protection Act. Procedural conditions can be found and a statement provided here. The Commission for consumer disputes has the competence to solve disputes concerning the contract between buyer and Addidraws OÜ. The review of a dispute by the Commission is free.
The buyer may also turn to the platform solving consumer disputes in the European Union.

Responsbility and Force Majeure

Addidraws OÜ is responsible to you and you to Addidraws OÜ for damages caused to the other party by breaching the contract at hand, as per the cases and extent set by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
Addidraws OÜ is not responsible for damage caused to you or delays in product delivery in cases where the damage or delays are caused by circumstances outside the influence of Addidraws OÜ and the arrival of which Addidraws OÜ did not and could not have known (force majeure).
Addidraws OÜ is not responsible for the loss or damage of a product occurring after transfer to delivery service provider.
Addidraws OÜ is responsible for you to the extent of the product price. Addidraws OÜ will not accept responsibility for damages caused by a defective product, such as damage of assets or information, and loss of turnover or profit.

Data Processing

Addidraws does its best to protect its customers’ privacy. Addidraws is a processor in charge of personal data. Addidraws forwards necessary personal data for payment processes to the processor Make Commerce AS.
By using this website, you agree to the our data processing terms and conditions.
We confirm that our data processing complies with the respective legislations of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union.
We collect personal data for the purposes of identifying and contacting customers and to offer the most comfortable possible use of the website.
Personal data may be collected in the following situations:
• providing contact information;
• using cookies or data provided in the user account when visiting our website;
• making purchases in the online store
By using collected data, we may inform customers of upcoming events, campaigns and new products. The consumer has the right to refuse receival of these notifications at any time.
Information is also collected for statistical purposes. Additionally information may be collected regarding customer activity on our website, this information is not personalised.
Addidraws takes precautions to protect the personal data of consumers. Only authorised personnel has access to data processing.
All of the data inserted by the customer during their use of the website is handled as confidential information and third parties may not use it in any way without written permission from Addidraws OÜ.
The use and legal notices of this website are based on and must be interpreted with regard to the law of the Republic of Estonia. All parties are subject to the Estonian judiciary system.
We reserve the right to change the data processing terms at hand.


The website uses browser cookie technology to collect information about website usage and differentiate users to provide the most comfortable possible experience. By using our services, you agree to our usage of cookies.
A cookie is a small text file which is sent to the user’s web browser and saved on the user’s device.
We use the following cookies:
• session cookies, which are deleted automatically after every visit;
• persistent cookies, which remain in case of repeated use;
• third-party cookies, used by partner websites that we link to (eg. Facebook, banks), we don’t control the creation of these cookies, please refer to their usage rules from the corresponding websites

Change of Terms

Addidraws OÜ reserves the right to change and complement the prices and terms of agreement of the website according to the development and better, safer use of the online store.
Changes and additions in terms and prices take effect from the moment of publication on If you placed your order before the changes take effect, the terms in effect during order placement will be applied to the legal relationship between you and Addidraws OÜ, except when established otherwise by law or terms of the contract at hand.

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