Terms for Processing of Personal Data

Processing of Personal Data

The processor of personal data for the Addidraws online shop is Addidraws OÜ (Reg. no. 14940534, Asula 3, Tallinn, 11312; Customer support: info@addidraws.ee, Tel: +372 56656286).

Processed Personal Data

• name, phone number and e-mail;
• shipping address;
• account number;
• value of products and services and payment data (purchase history);
• customer service data

Reasons for Processing Personal Data

Personal data is used for order management and product delivery.
Details of purchase history (date of purchase, product, quantity, customer data) is used for overview of bought products and services, and analysis of customer preferences.
Account number is used for necessary refunds.
Personal data such as e-mail, phone number, name will be collected to answer questions regarding products and services (customer service).
The store user’s IP address or other service set identifier is used to provide the information society service as an online shop, and for developing website statistics.

Legal Basis

The processing of personal data sees to fulfill the requirements of the signed contract with the customer.
The processing of personal data sees to fulfill legal obligations (eg. accounting and solving consumer disputes).
Data processing takes place with the customer’s consent for the fulfilment of the following:
• orders placed in the online store
• customer service of the online store and communicating with the customer
• replying to a customer enquiry
• legal interest
• analysis of consumer habits
• development of sales statistics
• service management and improvement

Recipients of Personal Data

Personal data is forwarded to customer service for managing purchase history and solving customer issues.
Name, phone number and e-mail is forwarded to the customer’s chosen postal service supplier. In case of courier-delivered orders, the customer’s address is also forwarded.
If online store accounting is performed by the service provider, personal data is forwarded to the service provider for use in accounting procedures.
Personal data may be forwarded to infotechnology service providers, if necessary for ensuring functionality and hosting of online store.

Security and Data Access

Personal data is kept in Zone servers, located in a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area. Data may be forwarded to countries of which the level of data protection has been deemed adequate by the European Commission, and to US enterprises which have joined the Privacy Shield framework.
Access to personal data is granted to online store employees for use regarding technical issues of the store and providing customer service.
The online store takes appropriate physical, organisational and infotechnological measures to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration and unauthorised access or disclosure.
Forwarding of personal data to authorised processor (eg. providers of transport services and hosting) takes place under contract between processor and online store. Authorised processors are obliged to ensure appropriate security measures when processing data.

Access to and Change of Personal Data

Personal data can be accessed and changed in the online store user profile. If the purchase is performed without a user profile, personal data can be accessed through customer service.

Withdrawal of Consent

If personal data processing takes place under customer consent, the customer has the right to withdraw consent by informing customer service via e-mail.

Holding of Data

Personal data is removed by deleting the online store user profile, except when necessary for use in accounting or solving consumer disputes.
If the purchase is performed without a user profile, purchase history will be preserved for three years.
Personal data regarding purchases and consumer disputes is preserved until the requirement is fulfilled or the period expires.
Personal data used in accounting is preserved for seven years.


For deletion of personal data, customer service must be contacted via e-mail. Deletion requests will be answered no later than a month after submission and data removal period will be specified.


Customer service requests via e-mail regarding transfer of personal data will be answered no later than a month after submission. Customer service will confirm the identity of customer and inform them of personal data subject to transfer.

Direct Marketing Notifications

If the customer has given appropriate consent, e-mail and phone number of customer are used to send direct marketing notifications. If the customer does not wish to receive direct marketing notifications, the corresponding link in the footer of an e-mail must be clicked, or customer service contacted.
If personal data is processed for the purposes of direct marketing (profiling), the customer holds the right to object both initial and subsequent processing of their personal data by informing customer service, including in regards to direct marketing related profile analysis.

Dispute Settlement

Dispute settlements regarding personal data processing takes place through customer service Addidraws OÜ:
Reg. no. 14940534
Address: Asula 3, Tallinn, 11312
Customer service: info@addidraws.ee
Tel: +372 56656286
The supervisory authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (info@aki.ee).

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