It has been weeks from the moment we realized the world as we know it is changing completely. Panic has settled down and the focus has shifted to figuring out ways to adapt and what to do with our time. Spring is usually the season people make preparations for summer, which means tattoo artists have busy schedules – everyone wants to get their tattoos done before the warm season! However, most studios are now closed and tattoo lovers in quarantine mode. How could this situation be used to both parties’ advantage?

If you’ve spent years pondering over your first tattoo, or fantasized about your next one, now is the best time to go over your ideas! Finally enough time to really concentrate on the process. Here are a few tips:


Find new, exciting styles.

Although I have to admit that Pinterest is a very useful place to find great example tattoos, it remains quite surface-level and mostly shows the same or similar designs. Take the time to find unique artists on Instagram who broaden your horizon! That will give you new ideas for your own tatoos and your future work will be as unique as possible. Some examples: @inkstinctcolors , @supercutetattoos , @neotraditionaleurope , @tattoism , @dark_ornaments .





Explore local tattoo artists.

There are so many popular artists in Estonia, but whenever I ask my clients, most people only know me and maybe a few more that do colored work. Even if others don’t have the style you like, it’s still cool to see how diverse the Estonian tattoo world is! Maybe one day one of your friends or acquaintances might even need a good recommendation. You can find several Estonian tattooers on this Instagram @siit_leiab_tatoveerija.






Tattooers as well as clients are homebound and face-to-face consultations are out of the picture, but ideas can be discussed online. If you have an idea and artist in mind, why not take this time to write to them. Find out whether they would potentially be interested in working with you and what the approximate price would be. Maybe you also need advice with placement or size? For more complicated designs, I have performed consultations over the phone or through Skype. In any case, the internet is great for discussing ideas! Asking for advice and discussing everything through is free, so now is the best time for it.



Although the situation is difficult for everyone right now, it’s important to remember it will be over eventually. Don’t stop dreaming and thinking about the future! Find inspiration from the simplest of things and support your friends and family.

Which activities help you fill the time during quarantine?