Since starting my back piece with Mooni, I have decided it’s a good time to perform human experiments on myself. Experiments that I cannot try on clients, but that would be useful within the tattoo-lover community – comparing after-care products. Here is a review for three different products: two that I purchased myself form Tattoomaailm and one sent to me by TattooMed. They added two more interesting products to the package which I will mention at the end of the post. All products are 100% vegan and environmentally friendly.




Hustle Butter 150ml

This product is neither new nor a stranger to me: I use it daily on my clients instead of vaseline and get it from Tattoomaailm. It easily cleans the skin from ink, moisturises with gentle nutrients and smells great. As they advertise themselves as “before, during, after”, I decided to use it for the after-care of my own tattoo. Filled with all kinds of different fats and oils, it’s quite… oily. It was hard to apply in the initial stages of healing as it should probably be rubbed in properly. I used it after showering, when the skin was incredibly dry, and towards the final stages of healing when the skin started feeling tight. In that sense, it’s useful in the winter and on very dry skin, in the case it’s exposed to a lot of air, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the go-to lotion. At €25, the price is quite crispy, but the fruity smell and contents might be worth it.



orakon tattoo aftercare


 Orakon Tattoo Aftercare 50 ml

This is a new product at Tattoomaailm and as it was pushed into my palm, I was tempted to try it out. There is three times less product than in the last one and the price is €10: I find the value for money very good! It smells like fresh fir shoots and is not as oily as hustle butter. It’s best applied as a thin layer, but at the same time has a long-lasting moisturising effect. Orakon Tattoo Aftercare was my most used product and the fastest to be emptied.



tattoomed aftercare


 TattooMed after tattoo 100ml

TattooMed sent me a tester of this product, whereas it’s usually sold in a sealed tube (image downwards of a “daily tattoo care” product in a similar tube). I like the packaging of the product series because it’s easy to get the cream out. The first two products could not be put into a tube like this because they have the consistency of a body butter. TattooMed After Care resembles a regular lotion and is relatively scentless. Since it’s more on the liquid side, it is very easy to rub into the skin. For myself, it was a little too liquid as my skin gets very dry during the winter and an hour after application I felt like it already needed re-applying. I would recommend this product for oily skin, during the summer or for tattoos in a region that is easy to apply product to. The price for the after tattoo is very affordable: €12.95.


tattoomed daily tattoo care


TattooMed also sent me their Cleansing Gel product, which is meant to be used for cleaning your tattoo right after getting home from the studio and taking off the film. I am ready to try it after my next session, but the product that really sparked my interest was Daily Tattoo Care: this is meant for daily use after the tattoo has already healed. It is meant to keep the colours fresh, nourish the skin with vitamins and contains traces of sunscreen. Personally, I need a lot more sun protection for it to be effective as I am neon white and will burn immediately, so it would not find much use on myself. As it is one of the sole reasons why I use lotion in the first place, I discovered that TattooMed also has products with higher sun protection: SPF 25 and SPF 50. I would definitely purchase the SPF 50 for a vacation or for summer and highly recommend it to my clients. Sun is the biggest bully for tattoos!



Since my back project will take a lot longer to be completed, I hope to find more interesting products to write reviews about. Do you have a favourite product that you have used for tattoo after-care?