This blog thing has always been strange and distant for me: Estonia is filled with these popular boys and girls who write about their beloved field so well that you start wanting to get stylish and eat healthy yourself. It always seemed like more of a cool people area, and I as an introverted artist wouldn’t fit on that train.

Until! A little seed of an idea grew into meeting up with my friend Sander, who made it clear as day to me how the blog thing works, what WordPress is, what tags, design and coding are… wow, endless amounts of new information but how fascinating! Okay, let’s jump in and do it. I started researching about other bloggers and the more I found, the more I realised there might even be some space for me in this department.


What am I going to write about?

The idea came both from my clients and those that haven’t reached that status quite yet. Point being, I get so so many good and “dumb” questions when it comes to tattooing that in my opinion the answers should be shared with everyone. From “how to pick your first tattoo?” to “can a tattoo get infected?” or even “is it possible to pass out while getting tattooed?” and good old “is tattooing painful??”

There are so many questions, all of them oh how interesting! I hope to keep getting more as I write this blog and hopefully will get asked not only about tattoos, but art and illustration in general: they’re all intertwined!

Of course, can’t skip my private life, lifestyle and other good stuff on the flip side of colourful needling and illustration. I’m an emotionally variegated 25-year-old filled with a bucket of introversion, a cup of needing to experience new things, a bowlful of feminism, a teaspoon of love for tech and a gallon of crazy work ethic. In any case, all these ingredients seem to mix together well enough to create a raw and honest soup capable of offering every single one of us a bit of truth with some humour on the side.