Maal “Hurt lilledega, hommikul”


Originaal akrüülmaal raamiga lõuendil “Hurt lilledega, hommikul”.

Mõõdud: 50 x 50 cm

Celebrating Life’s Comfort Zones Through Art

Do you ever hear the phrase, “You should get out of your comfort zone,” and wonder, “What is the comfort zone, and how do we break free if we don’t even know where it begins?”

In this captivating series, I invite you to join me in a celebration of breaking free from the relentless hustle culture that seems to be everywhere. It’s time to defy the pressure to overachieve and embrace the beauty of slow living.

Discovering our true comfort zone is akin to finding a sanctuary of safety, whether it’s in our environment, the warmth of friends and family, or in the way we choose to shape our lives.

Whole collection is available to see at Vaat Brewery at Tallinn, Telliskivi 60M.

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